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SharpBrain is a highly engaging, effective and safe
drug- free treatment system for children and teens with attention problems. Based on new video game enabled Neurofeedback technology, SharpBrain uses a high-tech headgear system to interface attention training brain waves with the immersive video game experience. Your child controls the action with focused brain activity and stays highly alert and engaged while improving attention, achievement, attitude and behavior. Our fun system makes learning essential attention skills easy.

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SharpBrain can increase focus and concentration. And it does more. Much more. It develops core skills like ignoring distractions, increasing memory, increasing organization, finishing tasks, and following instructions.


If you're tired of seeing your child struggle through school, SharpBrain is right for you. SharpBrain can improve skills that are necessary to survive and thrive in the classroom. Developed by an educator to help his ADHD students, SharpBrain is a leader in solving attention problems.


Hyperactivity and impulsivity are often problems at both school and home. Your child can learn to control these behaviors through SharpBrain's behavior shaping tools. Focus more, fidget less. Once these behaviors are controlled, it's easier for your child to make friends and succeed at school.

For More Information: Click here to Download or View Neurofeedback Videogame Study